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Thank you for visiting Golden Oils. I am Elena Rayner-Melnikova, a qualified Public Health Nutritionist, importer and stockist of the finest Siberian pine nut oil.

We supply only the finest Siberian oils & we support our customers with carefully researched educational health information.



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“Thank you so much with your help of providing this product. I cannot believe how much the Siberian pine nut oil capsules have helped me and made my life more bearable, as before taking it I has very bad stomach problems and found it hard to eat; now after taking your pine nut oil capsules for 2 years or more I can live a normal life and enjoy my food. They made a difference from week one of taking them.”
Elaine, Leicestershire
I have been taking 1-2 teaspoonful of pine oil three times daily for a month now and have experienced a definite improvement to my many digestive dysfunctions. I am now more comfortable and the heart burn has completely subsided. However, I’ve had problems for such a long time that I am reluctant to get too excited yet but the signs are extremely promising! And wow, I’ve got more energy!”
Leslie, Hants 

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Direct from Siberia

Golden Oils imports oils into the UK direct from Siberia. Our close relationship with carefully selected suppliers not only guarantees the quality of our products, but also means we are able to offer customers healthy discounts in our new online store.

We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products – we are just a phone call away. We also really appreciate your comments and feedback.

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Our service is prompt: UK orders placed before 3pm are mailed to you the same day by first class Royal Mail. For most customers this means next day delivery. For deliveries outside the UK, orders are dispatched using registered post.

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  • Siberian oil makes a tasty salad dressing but is not ideal for frying or cooking; the valuable nutrients are spoiled by heat.,
  • Pine Nut Oil ,
  • covers 77% of .,
  • A 2006 Russian study indicates 17.5 grams per day of oil can decrease cholesterol, improve lipid profile & lower blood pressure.,
  • Siberian pine nut oil from Golden Oils is a completely natural food product that only contains oil from cold pressed pine nuts.,

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I am writing to thank you for a speedy delivery of pine nut oil. I needed it to carry out some allergy tests, as I suspected that my son had a serious pine nut allergy. Interestingly, on these tests pine nut allergy was confirmed, but my son did not react to your oil! A doctor said that this means that this oil is very 'clean' and of a very very high quality.
Anna, London
I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers a few month ago, and subsequently prescribed Omeprazol and Motilium by our GP. These medications reduced the symptoms slightly, but because most foods caused severe pain, I had no choice but to eat a very restricted variety of alkaline foods. After some research into whether there were any vitamins, minerals or further dietary changes we could implement we came across some literature for Pine Nut Oil. I was desperate enough to try anything! I have to say, I felt immediate relief as soon as I started taking it. I took the highest dose for several months, whilst simultaneously cutting back on the GP prescribed medicines and extending my range of food. Now, I just have a maintenance dose at bedtime, and although I still experience the occasional pain, I am almost eating normally. I attribute this to Pine Nut Oil. It’s been a long journey, but a positive one. We purchased our oil from Golden Oils and can’t fault them on their excellent product and customer service.
Kevin, Hampshire